Saturday, January 16, 2016


Hey SewChloe readers!
This is going to be so fun! This blog is going to be all about fashion and sewing! I love to design clothes and then sew them. In this blog I will give you tutorials, updates, and lots of my designs. I also love to sew doll clothes!(Yes, not just human clothes, I am pretty new at that! Be sure to check out!)
It is pretty funny actully, because I am really advanced in sewing doll clothes! (ok, not SO advanced) But anyway, I am trying to transfer my sewing to my size clothes. You know, you never really think about it. If it fits on a doll, just make it the same way for you, just bigger! Essentially, yes, but you actully wear and move around in the clothes. That is something to consider! Yes, I am planning to make this dress. A little sheath dress made out of sequined fabric and a mesh top. I am really excited to make it!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more things, and while you're at it, subscribe and leave a comment too! Thanks!

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