Sunday, January 17, 2016

Knit Dress: Sew Easy!

Hey SewChloe readers!
(Sorry, I am kind of going crazy with all of the sew, so puns!)
This is how to make your own knit dress. These are so fun and really easy to make! Do you have two old sweaters that are too short or you don't like the look of? Well, you can make this quick and easy dress in no time!

~Two sweaters you want to get rid of
(Yes, only one material!)

So to get started, (and no, I don't have any pictures, sorry) cut one of your sweaters from the sleeves down. Like, the whole body. Cut the body piece into 4 sections. Now, the other sweater has to have a picture or something on the top. Here is one picture of my dress:

You see? I cut the second sweater right below the birdie so that I could have him on it too! :) Cut the remaining body portion into 4 sections too.
So now, pin a strip from the first sweater onto the second sweater, right sides together, at the bottom edge of the second sweater. Try to keep the side seams together on the strips. Sew. Keep repeating that on every strip, alternating colors, until you run out of strips. You are done!
You could actully use three sweaters and make it three colors and longer! Your choice.
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