Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sew Cute dress!

Hey SewChloe readers!
Chloe here again! How was your day?
Here is a short tutiorial on how to make your own dress!

~Old shirt or dress top, basicly a plain tee shirt, anything!
~Cordinating fabric to the tee shirt
~Ribbons and embellishments

The first thing you need to do is spiff up your shirt. Add lace to the collar, fix the collar, add buttons, anything! I used an old polo shirt and cut the collar off. I sewed ribbon in its place and added the same buttons.

So, this is going to be a pleated dress, so you need fabric long enough to wrap around you waist twice. Hem it and lay it out with your pins and your measuring tape at the top side.

Start pleating it by starting at the one inch and bring it over to the 2 inch. For the next pleat, go from three to four, and so on. Don't forget to pin them!

Sew a straight stich along the top of the pleats so that you tack them in place. Remove the pins as you go.

Now is the time to iron it. You can iron it, or just leave it. I am going to leave it so that it looks more like a gather.

Then sew the two sides right sides together starting from the bottom.

Pin the shirt to the skirt right sides together.

Now sew your seam and turn it right side out!

Sew ribbons and flowers to the waist and tie in the back. You are finished!!!

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