Saturday, June 17, 2017

75 Things about me!

Hey, SewChloe readers! So I found this little quiz of sorts on Stepping in Sunshine by Mira Elizabeth. I thought it looked like too much fun so I decided to do it! So this is just a little bit about myself!!

1. What are you most excited about these days?  I feel like my sewing skills and fashion designing are really accelerating and I'm really excited to see what God will do with that!

2. Favorite holiday?  
Easter. I just love all the joy and happiness and it just makes me burst! Jesus is Risen! Christmas rolls in right behind it!!!!

3. Favorite season? 
SPRING!!!!! Oh yes! All of the flowers!!! But, Fall is tied. I LOVE the fashion in fall and the colors and pumpkin pie!

4. Recent hobby? 
Is that even a question???? SEWING!!!!!

5. If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be? 
Oh dear.... um, probably Queen Elizabeth. But then there's also Lily James when they were filming Cinderella! I would love to be Cinderella in a movie!

6. If you could have coffee with someone from the past, who would it be? 
Oh!! Well, of course, Jesus, because of all the reasons in the world, but I think I would love to talk with Coco Channel and...Oh!!! Queen Esther!!! She is my FAV person ever!!!

7. What's the best thing that happened this year? 
I got to celebrate my BFF's birthday with her! We went and stayed in a fancy hotel and watched Beauty and the Beast in theaters and had TOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!

8.What's the best way to decompress? 
Sitting on my bed wrapped in a fuzzy blanket with peppermint tea and popcorn and watching Cinderella. (that movie made me cry, once.)

9. What's the weirdest word in the English language? 
Oh! Probably the word jacuzzi. It's just really weird. But any word sound strange when you repeat it over and over again!

10. If you had one superpower, what would it be? 
Oh yes! I would like to be just like Scarlett Witch!!!!

11. Who was the last person to text you? 
My friend Katie!

12. Who are three people, dead or alive, that you would have dinner with?
Queen Esther, Paul, and Nate Saint. Oh and I know she is totally not related but I would like to have dinner with Princess Kate!!! I want to discuss her fashion!!!!

13. Last book you read?
"The Remnant", part of the Left Behind series! SO GOOD!!!! READ THAT SERIES!!!!!

14. Favorite Book?
There's a Rainbow in my Closet

15. Book you plan on reading?
"Towers Falling" My friend recommended it and I want to read it!

16. A book you read because everyone else in the world was reading it?
Actually, I don't think I ever have. I read what I want to read!!!

17. A book from your childhood that positively shaped you?
I really don't know! I would have to look through all my books!!! And I'm on Vacation right now so that's not available to me!! lol 

18. Favorite TV show currently on TV? 
Ummmmm I don't watch TV but I do watch a show every once in a while! I would say Madam Secretary but that isn't on right now!

19. Favorite ice cream flavor? 
Recces Peanut Butter Cup!!!

20. First pet? 
My cat Sophie. Really, we had other pets before her but she is mine!!!!

21. Worst subject in school? 

22. Favorite game? 
I can not play sports. At all. Nope. Not happening.

23. Favorite thing in the whole world? 
Well, obviously Mom and Papa but they aren't things! My fav thing would be Caroline!

24. One talent you wish you had?
I wish I could play volleyball REALLY WELL!!!!

25. One thing you still have from your childhood? 
My blanket and my stuffed animal Todd!!! I still take my blanket with me on trips just because it's really soft and easy to stuff in a backpack to keep warm! I should replace it cause it has holes....... :(

26. Last song you listened to on your phone? 
Brave, By Moriah Peters

27. Favorite song lyrics? 
Oh! I have NO CLUE!!!!!!! I love music. Let me think. Oh! There is this song I LOVE!! It's called "I'll wait for you! That's also by Moriah Peters and Joel Smallbone from For King and Country. It sounds like I REALLY like Moriah Peters but I really don't! I like two of her songs and they happened to be mentioned here!!! lol

28. What song would you probably get caught dancing alone too? 
Backseat Driver by TOBY MAC!

29. What song would you walk the runway too? 
Dance up by Abigale Duhon and just recently I heard Lights by Ellie Goulding.

30. The best gift you've ever been given? 
A Serger.

31. Fashion Icon?
Princess Kate!!!!! I LOVE HER FASHION!!!!

32. What is the fanciest outfit you've ever worn? 
Ummm. Probably when I went to my Honors Recital this year! I LOVE to get fancy at random times but like I rarely have events that. It was a pretty lace teal dress and I had a really fancy updo!

33. Where did you wear it to? 
Whoops! Honors Recital!

34. Favorite movie of all time?
Captain America. Without fail. Winter Soldier.YES!!!

35. Favorite movie of the last five years? 
Civil War

36. The movie that made you cry? 
Hachi. HATE IT!!!!!! I'M NEVER WATCHING IT AGAIN!!!!! I'm tearing up thinking about it!! ugg. It's just so sad. I cried all night long.

37. The movie that made you laugh the hardest?
Air bud. That was a long time ago, but it did. Also Benji

38. If you could make a documentary, what would it be about? 
It would be about the process of creating and designing a garment for the runway.

39. Favorite TV show? 
Madam Secretary and Little House on the Prairie.

40. If you could make a cameo in any unmade movie, what would it be?
I would make a Caroline Movie, from American Girl.

41. The best plot twist of all time? 
I'm going to have to use Mira's answer and say the Kylo Ren mess. And who his father was!!

42. Favorite food? 

43. Favorite Dessert?
Chip n Nut Bars

44. Favorite band? 
Rend Collective

45. Favorite solo artist? 
Oh dear. Here goes a few. Andy Mineo, Lauren Daigle, Amanda Cook, Britt Nicole, Hollyn, Colton Dixon??? Too many!!!

46. If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be?
Lauren Daigle, Britt Nicole, or Colton Dixon.

47. What would the title of your autobiography be? 
I don't know! I am horrible at naming things!

48. Favorite sound? 
Ocean waves

49. Least favorite sound?
Fingernails on a chalkboard, and forks scratching the bottom of a pan!!

50. Favorite animal? 

51. Favorite actress?
 Emma Watson

52. Favorite actor? 
Chris Evans

53. One weakness? 
I'm easily distractable! I'm like the little duck in the back of the line that goes off to look at something SHINY!!!!! lol

54. Guilty pleasure?
Well I mean I sew doll clothes, and people might think that's funny but I love it! It's not like the little old fashioned pink dress though! It's full on fashion! Like new age modern fashion!
See? My Egyptian inspired design!
55. The proudest moment?
When I completed my first dress for myself! That was pretty cool!

56. Skill still unmastered? 
I can't knit. to save my life. Nope.

57. What's the definition of misery?
 Being stuck in the attic doing a math lesson when you are STARVED and your hot and can't think straight so you have to do some problems over and over again. Yes, I know I'm close to Mira's answer, but truly that is misery to me!

58. Biggest learning experience? 
Going on a missions trip to Guatemala! I learned a lot about their culture and it was huge.

59. Dream birthday? 
Sleeping in, having delicious french toast with brown sugar, going to the mall with 100 dollars and shopping with my BFF. Then we would go to Tomato Street (my fav restaurant) and go see a movie and get a frappuccino at Starbucks! Totally.

60. An experience when you felt the most nervous? 
My first Irish Dance Performance.

61. When do you feel the happiest? 
Having a sleepover with my BFF or hosting a fun party.

62. What's one vice you wish you could give up?
Procrastination. It's horrid.

63. If you could teach a college course, what would it be? 
Fashion History Throughout the Ages. Or the Cold War.

64. If you could star in any movie remake, what would it be?
I would like to star in Cinderella. I know they already made it but I have always wanted to be her in a movie. All the dresses and stuff! I think I might be good!

65. If you were an Olympic athlete, what would your event be? 

66. First memory? 
Disney world?? I have no clue! I get all mixed up!

67. Last movie you watched?
Cinderella. how ironic

68. Favorite flower? 

69. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? 
Paris. BY FAR
70. Who was your first hero? 
My dad.

71. Favorite store? 
I really like Rue 21 but I love Hobby Lobby too! Oh, the Dollar store too!

72. Favorite beverage? 
Mocha Frapachinno

73. Any siblings?
3! 22-year-old twins Alex and Katie, and a 14-year-old brother Tanner. I'm the youngest! I like it! And I love my family!!

74. Best compliment you've ever received? 
Oh! I don't know! everyone is so nice to me! I really appreciate comments on my blog and youtube channel! 

75. If you could tell your thirteen-year-old self one piece of advice, what would it be? 
Well, I am thirteen but I have already learned a lot of things this year. I really have no clue! Maybe when I'm older I will add my advice to this! lol

Well, hope you liked this!!!! Feel free to answer some of these questions in the comments!!