Saturday, July 22, 2017

Summer Love

This is my favorite picture!! 

Love this little clutch! Matches the dress perfectly! Clutches are something I want to get better at making! Any tips?

Love this pleated waistband!!

And the pleated hem!

Fun shoes to go with it! I would highly recommend white heels to upgrade this dress as well!

I designed this dress on the 4th of July! I was thinking of designs and this one popped into my head! Actully the orginal design was VERY diffrent! They do have some similarities! I was originally designing this for a doll dress because I was planning to have a lot of pleating on the skirt and that would be super hard to do on a human dress! So I changed it up cause I wanted it to work for me! It has a full circle skirt and twirls AMAZINGLY!!!!!!!! It has two rows of freehand pleating on the skirt, a pleated hem, and a wrap front! It has a pretty flower print on the back as a fun surprise too! I would have worn white heels with this dress, but I was fixing my current pair at the time of the photo shoot. But those are the shoes that work with this dress perfectly! I made this dress out of an old bed sheet too. Used the entire thing. Queen sized too! Recycle fabric guys!! Bed sheets work amazingly!!
So I was looking through the pictures and I realized that this is totally something Princess Kate would wear!!!! She is my total fashion icon and I love everything, I mean EVERYTHING she wears! The front just looks exactly like something she would wear! It made me really happy! I would have to make the back white for her to wear it but still!!! 
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post! What do you think I should make next? 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Midsummer 30's

Love these shoes!! 

So this is another one of those dresses I made! I made this dress with the intent to make a fun ruffly dress, but it didn't work out! So I found some coordinating fabric and went with a circle skirt instead! I love the extra little ruffle beneath the waist band! Another dress that would be good with a fun brown leather purse! This dress so looks like it's from the 30's!! I love the little old fashioned twist there! The shoes are from Vanity, a store that is gone now.... I loved that store! Sunglasses were from Kohl's! I think.... Mom? Where were they from!! Lol they are my mom's!  We like to share don't we mom!

Map Dress

In love with the lacing!!

Obsessed with these shoes!! They go with everything!

This is my map dress!  I made it from two old fabric maps my mom had laying around. I saw them and loved them and decided to make a dress out of them! It just kinda evolved into something really fun! I  didn't have a zipper for the back so I laced it. I cut it too short so I added some more on and added orange ribbon. That made it way cuter too! I love the yellow front too! I think this dress needs a fun red leather purse but I will have to find one first! I can dress it up by wearing some red heels or downgrade it with these playful tennis shoes!  I love the sunglasses with this dress too! Hope you like it too!