Sunday, August 13, 2017

Studio Tour!

Hey, SewChloe readers!
So since my blog is new I don't get any comments, this post wasn't requested but I thought my few readers would like to see where I work! Where all my designs take form!
I kinda have two places but this is my fav place to work although it only works in the summer!! It's kinda like my summer design house! lol, so anyway, Here you go!

So on my sewing table, I have my machine and my serger! 

I have a nice little stool that is super comfortable!

Ha! You can see the chickens through the window! 

My door!

And my chalkboard! I usually have a bulletin board on the other side but that never made it up here this year!

This is the front left side! That table is my main desk and I have some of my fabric, some ribbons, and just some neat stuff!

This is the view from the front window! Actually, it's kinda the side window but it's kinda the front window too! lol

This is the right side! It holds my foam and paint and some randomness! It also has the best internet in the corner only!! HA

Behind me on the right side, I have my pressing table! I have my little iron and it works great!

I have a calendar on the tree to give the tree some use! lol 

So above the door, I have a loft! This holds some doll stuff and excess fabric! It's really nice!

And let's finish off with Benji! He's the one who loves to come visit me! I thought it was funny that he was laying on the fashion book! lol, he's like I'm so fashionable! 

Well, I hope you liked this tour! If you want to see my winter studio, just let me know in the comments! Love you guys!!